Hispanic Heritage Month

On the Road Again 

As if the invitation to present our work at the Smithsonain National Museum of the American Indian didn’t keep us busy enough!  We barely caught our breath from an exhilarating two weeks  in NYC and D.C. before we were on to our next commitments. USH continued its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2016 with friends and colleagues in  North Carolina and Massachusetts.

North Carolina:

UNC Pembroke’s Native American Speaker Series

terryOn September 19, 2016 Carlos, Chema, Carmen and our four Maya Traditions partners piled into a large van and took to the highway.  Some 7 hours later, we arrived at our hotel in Pembroke, NC.  We were greeted by three of our Founder’s doctoral students Terry, Tiffany, and Denise.  Their presence was a warm southern welcome after what seemed like being on the road for days!  The next day, Dr. Jane Haladay led us to UNC Pembroke (originally the Croatan Normal School – built by and for American Indian higher education).  Our group visited two university classes, showing USH films and engaging in discussion about Maya culture and education.


In the evening, Carlos, Carmen and Chema spoke at uncpUNCP’s Native American Speaker Series.  We were just about to being, when the entire town of Pembroke lost electricity!  These leaders handled it beautifully, engaging the audience by talking about USH’s pedagogy and evolution.  Shortly, we regained power and were able to show a Level 1 & Level 2 Film.


img_2309Following the films and discussions, the audience gathered in the rear of the auditorium, watching weaving practices and engaging in further dialogue with our leaders.


…In the meantime, the UNCP student media team was present.  This team interviewed both Carmen and Chema, a story which would air on local UNCP television broadcasts.

UNC Chapel Hill


On a very last minute whim, we our team made a very brief stop at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.  A dear friend and colleague, who is also Maya K’iche’, convinced us to stop in his class.  Emilio del Valle Escalante  is a professor and researcher in Latin American and indigenous literatures and cultures.  The most exciting part for the Program Leaders was that the discussion was fully in Spanish!  No need for translations; just direct and deep conversation! Yet another wonderful gift, closing their 2016 U.S. experience.   


Bunker Hill Community College

Not long after getting our screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-4-17-05-pmGuatemalan travelers to the airport, our Founder and Director was preparing for her Bunker Hill Community College  invitation.  The presentation called ¡Inspirate! was part of BHCC’s 2016 Hispanic Heritage month events.  The day began with An informal lunch and discussion was held at the Chelsea campus.   Later that evening, the extending community gathered for dinner and presentation.   Amidst the audience, Cedric Woods, a Lumbee Tribe member, who stopped to see what is coming to his community!


More to come!!


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