NYC: Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian: Stop #1


National Musuem of the American Indian: NYC




Our first stop in the U.S., The New York City National Musuem of the American Indian.  This, the first of a very jam packed Hispanic Heritage month, set the pace of or rapid adventure.  

It was here that the USH presenters took to the stage and got their first look at their USH films on a professional screen!  Lively conversations followed, as audiences asked profound questions.  The well articulated responses of these three leaders illustrate how they have embraced USH , and have each developed their unique voice.  

The team celebrating on the stairs are USH and MTF participants:  Carmen, Elena, Cecelia, Chema, Marisol , Donna, Carlos and Matea as well as Korah (NMAI), and Temis (USH volunteer)!


When not on stage, Chema, Carlos, and Carmen talked manned our USH information table, positioned in this austere building, the Alexander Hamilton Custom House, a monument to commerce that was built between 1900 and 1907.  Sitting at the entry way to the rotunda of the custom house, USH greeted musuem visitors, sharing literature, movies, and their stories.  NMAI in NYC?  Simply perfect.

Visiting Pamela Yates

img_9200As fate would have it, the very busy Pamela Yates just happened to be in NYC the weekend of our NYC visit.  She graciously invited Carlos, Carmen and Chema to her studio space, where she and her editor, Peter, were working on their film 500 Years.  These USH filmmakers engaged in conversations about storyboarding, shots, and editing decisions.  A truly special gift!


NYC Site Seeing

We certainly could not have enjoyed NY, without visiting some tourist sites.  Our nonstop – what felt like a sleepless time – included a ferry ride to Staten Island, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, several subway rides, a night stroll on Time Square, and finally, a walk through and around Ground Zero.  What was the over all favorite?  Time Square.  

Thank you NEW YORK CITY!!!


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