Second Workshop

On January 26th, we had our second workshop.  We covered a lot of ground! In the morning, we watched and critiqued some of their practice footage, again emphasizing framing, camera steadiness, and angles.


Then we were privileged to have Pamela Yates join us via Skype to talk to the kids about her films and about how to find their stories.


The kids looked on and listened closely.  I am pretty sure that this was their first Skype session.  In that respect, they seemed a little nervous.  But they were prepared and very interested to here this Director’s story.  After all, she spent a great deal of time in Guatemala and captured stories about the civil unrest here.  The youth watched When the Mountains Tremble before the workshop in order to prepare questions for the talk.


Pamela also inspired them with advice on how to find their story.  She shared to that this kids should look for something that they are passionate about.  I added that with this, they will want to research, investigate, and find ways to make that passion come to life.  With that, each of the students spent time writing a draft of an idea.


We closed the workshop with a video technique activity.  The kids practiced shooting different angles while conducting an interview.  After, they edited the interview in order to see the advantages of using different angles to keep the audience interested.  As for computer techniques, they learned to detach audio and move it to other video clips.  We believe that a practice of simultaneously discussing story, video techniques, and a little theory helps them get a sense of the entire production process.


When the kids are ready, I will share their story ideas!


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