Pausing for a moment

We still have five more students who want to introduce themselves. However, today, we want to take a step back to thank those of you who have been providing incredibly detailed feedback to our project.

We can’t tell you how much your comments and suggestions are helping us to think more deeply about what we are doing. One question that has arisen is related to the venues for our final films. We expect to have community showings (Chirijox, Panajachel, and Santiago Atitlan) as well as a larger showing in Antigua, Guatemala. Other questions have been regarding the stories themselves: what they will be, how we can be sure that they come from the kids, and finally how we plan to link them. These are very good questions and ones that cannot be answered quickly. The process you will see might feel a slow because we are dedicated to having the kids experience finding themselves and their story after examining their ideas and analyzing some of the films that they take in their communities. An easier path might be to define stories for them, yet that would go against our purpose of youth-driven documentaries. As the process unfolds, the youth will come to identify the story that they are passionate about and they will show us how they see it. We are excited by what is to come.

Speaking of stories!!! This coming weekend we have a workshop. This workshop will focus on mainly on how to find our story. And who better to help the youth with then than Pamela Yates ( Pamela, documentary filmmaker, has graciously agreed to skype in and talk to the group.

In preparation for this session with Pamela, the youth are watching “When the Mountains Tremble”. I have asked them to think about the same kinds of things that they did in the first workshop: What is the story, Who is the audience, What was the most important part and how was it told, and how does this help you think about your own story you want to tell? We have also asked them generate questions that they might have about the movie. Stay tuned for more on this!


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