Day 2 Workshop 1

The plan for Day 2 of our first workshop was as jam packed as the first one. We began the day talking about what a story means to us.  The purpose of this opening conversation was to unveil the storytelling practices of the local communities.  What stories do they remember?  How were those stories told?  We will help students think about to these storytelling connections when they write their own stories about their communities.

What we really want to share with you about this day, is what they were able to accomplish in one day.  For me (Donna), it was another moment of pure amazement!  This group did more in one day than I have often been able to do in a few months with other groups.  The passion this particular groups has for this project is more than evident.  

What did they do?  They broke into three teams.  And over the course of the day, we completed an entire production process.   Each group went through the following process:

– Wrote a short story
– Translated this to a storyboard
– Recorded the story
– Downloaded and edited a draft product

We’d like to share a sample with you.

This is an example of only the FIRST attempt at telling and filming a story.  With only an introduction, we can begin to see their personalities and their creativity.

These products will be perfect examples to review and critique in our upcoming workshop.  Having student produced products combined with professional examples enriches the conversation about how to effectively and visually connect their ideas with what the audience experiences.


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