Day 1 of Workshop 1

While we wait for our video subtitles, we’d like to share a little about our first day of our first workshop.

The first day was an action packed day.  We opened with a quick game so we could get to know each other.  Next we watched some youth created videos.

The kids were asked to critique the videos:
– What was the story?
– Who do you think the audience might be?
– What were the strengths?
– What might you improve?

In this photo, you can see Carmen, Marcos, Antonio, and Emilio looking closely at one of the youth created stories.


After a powerful conversation related to the insights that they shared, we started  right in with some basic video terminology.  The kids learned….


….and then practiced long shots, medium shots, and close shotspractice1
Fabiola and Emilio practicing a close shot

Catalina and Carmen deciding if they like their medium shot

Antonio stepping back and setting up for a long shot.

After a long day, we walked to the lake to take in a beautiful Pana sunset!




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