Trip to Chirijox

Our trip to Chirijox, Nahuala Guatemala was nothing short of amazing. Impressed is the word that comes to mind after witnessing these kids today.

They welcomed me with warm embraces, and then were ready to get started   I talked to the group about the goal for the day.  We were set to do video introductions to share with you.  I suggested three questions for their videos.  The group huddled together and in minutes they returned to me with significantly better questions to focus the video intros.

Image                     Taken back a bit, I said, “Of course! Those work for me!”.  More importantly, they were better than the ones I suggested.  They are taking a leadership role early in the stages of our work here.  I could not have been more pleased.

Immediately, they identified partners and recorded each other.  We’ll be translating them in the next day and posting one video at a time.  We are sure that you will also be impressed!


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